Sunday, January 23, 2005

blizzard of 05

and so the winds roar out of the northeast at 60+ mph, and the snow keeps on coming, starting yesterday as i left hartford after dropping the Girl back at college after a long break, sorry to say good-bye all over again as our companionable weeks together came to an end. we decorated her room with a new quilt and rug, rearranged the furniture somewhat, stockpiled food on her shelves, and went out for subs before i dropped her off, into the waiting arms of friends as they arrived back, too. i headed towards the Farm, a very long two hours traversing secondary roads, just in line with the gathering storm. bone tired when i got here, but headed out to D's for a warm supper before the roads became impassable. it was a good time, one of the best that we have had together. a chicken. some pan fried potatoes. beans. an agreement as he poured his sambuca that if we were both alone when we were 75 that we would be together, take care of each other, and not die alone.


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