Monday, January 24, 2005

the plow and the stars

the wind and snow have abated although occasional roars can still be heard from the northeast. the snow is up to the windows on the back porch and still no plow for the driveway. did not leave the house yesterday and fought my own anciness, as well as the demons by midday -- be productive, they screamed, this house is falling down around you. work on your novel. you've got a whole day with nowhere to go. do something. i shut them up with a nap, and by then it was time to cook a small dinner,watch the football game (which i don't understand or much like) and knit, which i am uniquely bad at, ripping out hours of work twice in order to get it right. poor Jack -- he was inside all day. we ventured out 2 or 3 times, but the wind was too strong for much of anything, so he hunkered down with me, waiting for the plow which never came. awake an hour or so ago, still not plowed-out. i will work from here for the morning and then head home.


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